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This is a collection of EPOC macros collected from various places on the web. If you know of any others not on this list then please either notify me with their location (preferred) or send them to me in an email (2nd choice). These macros are designed to be run using Macro5 - but can probably also be run using one of the other macro-capable programs such as Assistant, ExtraBars, HotKeys, RunMacro, etc.

The source code is usually (but not always) included in the zip files. I have not tested all the macros.

If anyone finds their own macros here and would prefer that they be removed then please notify me accordingly and I'll do this.

A collection of EPOC macros

File Version Author Description (2KB) v1.00 P. Reiner 3 useful macros for handling entries in Agenda. (1KB) v1.00 P. Kaplan Ease the typing of accentuated vowels! (5KB) v1.00 M. Collado Generate macros that find and paste addresses from databases. (5KB) v5.40 H. Linthorst Find and paste addresses from databases. (5KB) v1.00 B. Ritchie Link agenda items to any files with associated applications. (1KB) v1.00 R. Klueber Switch back and forth between Agenda and BusyView. (4KB) v1.00 B. Ritchie Performs backups of the previous month's agenda. (29KB) v1.00 B. Wilson Change the default alarm sound set when synchronizing with Outlook. (4KB) v1.00 J.K. Beattie Displays arrows in Sketch. (5KB) v1.00 Colin Shearing AutoPhrase is a macro application that resembles the AutoText function in Word. It allows the user to hold a list of frequently used phrases together with an associated code and to be able to replace the code with the associated phrase. (30KB) v2.00 Phil Aypee (& Colin Shearing) Phil Aypee has fixed Colin's AutoPhrase macro above (two files modified and one added) so that it now works as originally intended. Thanks Phil! (24KB) v1.20 M. Heinermann Display a graphical view of the battery status (can be used at switch on). (2KB) v1.00 H. Nikolai Body-Mass-Index macro. (1KB) v1.00 M. Rose Toggle the backlight on/off with the pen. (7KB) v1.00 T. de Groot Backups selected files, closing and restarting applications. (5KB) v2.00 Mario Collado Automates backups with Ralph Sprengers Backup and P. Nicolas' Crontab. (1KB) v1.00 M. Tjioe Small battery indicator. (1KB) v1.00 O. Toelker (De) Improved version of BatteryDe. (1KB) v1.01 Ralf Krueger (De) Formats an agenda-entry to bold and vice versa. (1KB) v1.00 P. Lagrange (Fr) Change the step level in Word. (9KB) v1.04 H. Linthorst Search Contacts and paste the result into the current document. (13KB) v2.01 A. Poujade (Fr) Control the batteries and sound - display quotes at switch on. (1KB) v1.00 P. Salvisberg Calculates the checksum (UID4) of an EPOC header. (1KB) v1.00 M. Collado Directly show 3 month calendar. (1KB) v1.00 Z. Mikulec Set uppercase/lowercase according to the first letter. (1KB) v1.00 G. Corvi Inverts the case of the selected text according to its first letter. (2KB) v1.00 F. Marcé (Fr) Set uppercase/lowercase/titlewise (doc in French). (3KB) v1.00 G. Sabouraud Automatically apply a normal/subscript position to a formula. (1KB) v1.00 P. Nicolas Empties the clipboard. (2KB) v1.00 H. Linthorst Add double-click key access to your most-used macros. (5KB) v1.01 S. Goldsmith Provides the functionality of multiple clipboards for use in all programs. (12KB) v5.93 H. Linthorst Store and retrieve secret codes and passwords. (1KB) v1.00 P. Nicolas Prompts for an expression and allowsthe result to be pasted. (20KB) v1.62 F. Franken Provides an easy way of addressing Word documents, using data from Contacts. (16KB) v2.62 F. Franken Provides an easy way of searching through Contacts databases. (4KB) v1.01 M. Collado German version of ContextEn. (4KB) v1.01 M. Collado Provides additional contextual options in System. (1KB) v1.00 S.H. Homann (De) Displays the control panel. (1KB) v1.00 P. Nicolas Browse files, select, and paste the selected path. (1KB) v1.00 P. Nicolas Makes easier the typing of Ctrl+Fn+Key (e.g. text format in Word). (5KB) v1.03 D. Lange Enhanced version of Datalink: auto-select, multiple DBs, preserves ClipBoard. (2KB) v1.00 Dr Reichel Replace shortcuts by texts from a database. (1KB) v1.01 K.Golding Enhanced version of Datalink: auto selects the word nearest the cursor. (1KB) v1.00 Zeljko Mikulec An enhanced version of Datalink; auto select the word nearest the cursor. (1KB) v1.00 H. Linthorst Pastes the current date and time in the system format. (1KB) v1.00 P. Roberts Delete the current line at the cursor. (14KB) v1.10 Jan Palenicek (a.k.a. OSG) This macro effectively gives a keyboard shortcut equivalent to tapping the drive icon on the title bar in the System screen. It brings up the list of drives. Especially useful if you use a utility like SecureDrive to create extra drives or have partitioned your CF card into multiple drives. Zip contains explanation and instructions in EPOC Word plus a version of the program that I modified myself which works better with ExtraBars. (3KB) v0.50 Leo Hendry Disk Usage displays a pictorial representation of which directories are taking up what proportion of your disk space in a similar way to the unix xdu program. Individual directories can be zoomed in on for more detail. (19KB) v2.00 Dr B. Enables one finger or hands-free reading of Word, Data and Agenda files. (2KB) v1.00 Dr B. Facilitate the opening of up to 10 files using a single keystroke. (3KB) v1.00 Dr B. Facilitate the opening of up to 10 folders using a single keystroke. (14KB) v1.02 T. Luehrs (De) Provides templates for documents and a lot more. (1KB) v1.00 P. Goubier (Fr) Edit text objects in Agenda entries. (1KB) v1.00 J. Blyth Provides an address book for Email. (22KB) v2.00 C.S. Handley An updated macro for replying to emails and indenting the original text on ER5 machines. (1KB) v1.00 Jyp Convert Euro to/from Francs. (3KB) v1.00 F. Dimbeck German version of Euro. (2KB) v1.00 F. Dimbeck Convert to/from the EURO and the 11 participating currencies. (1KB) v1.00 Zeljko Mikulec Evaluate the selected expression. (37KB) v6.02 H. Linthorst EXtends ABbreviations from a self-maintained database. I.e. allows you to maintain a store of abbreviations for pasting into docs., emails, etc. (1KB) v1.00 O. Peyrat Swap mis-typed characters. (2KB) v1.00 O. Peyrat Exchange two characters of a word (preserves the clipboard). (2KB) v1.00 D. Cabuzel Improved version of Startup. (1KB) v1.00 T. Farine (Fr) Closes all running applications. (1KB) v1.00 P. Salvisberg Utility to change file and folder dates. (1KB) v1.01 P. Nicolas Set the time stamp of files. (3KB) v1.10 David Rushall FlMailList provides simple distribution list support for the EPOC Email application. You can create many list of addresses using the Data application - use one Data file for each distribution list. (9KB) v1.00 F. Pacquier Flip the link on/off. (9KB) v1.00 F. Pacquier This archive contains two macros :
• FlipLinkAuto will enable your serial remote link if it is disabled, disable it if it is enabled, and do nothing if it is connected to the PC.
• FlipLinkDlg does the same but asks for confirmation first ; if you tell it to it will disable an active connection. (2KB) v1.10 P. Nicolas Defrag your machine's memory and reclaim all the unused segments. (1KB) v1.00 T. Tyrrell Toggles the GPS signal on or off when in Palmtop BV's Route Planner. (1KB) v1.00 M. Swainston Save Web links. (1KB) v1.00 F. Franken Copy the selected word and paste it in a customisable fashion. (6KB) v1.01 F. Marcé (Fr) Enhanced version of DataBring (doc in French). (1KB) v1.00 J. Theal Grows the font of the selected text. (1KB) v1.00 P. Salvisberg Hexadecimal to decimal converter. (1KB) v1.00 R. Piga (It) Hide a selected file (i.e. change the file properties). (1KB) v1.00 P. Goubier Exchange files through IR communication. (1KB) v1.00 J.K. Beattie Import a textfile into a new word file. (1KB) v1.00 T. Farine Turn the IR on/off. (1KB) v1.00 John Boyce & Itamar Engelsman Allows the backlight to stay on indefinitely for use with Streetplanner and Routeplanner in the car. (2KB) v1.00 F. Dux (De) J. Toler's Jotter updated for German machines. (1KB) v1.00 P. Nicolas Kill not responding tasks. (6KB) v1.20 Jonas Bark LED is a macro playing with the LED on your Psion. It supports English, French, and German as well as a Morse code function and sound. The macro is compatible with all ER3-ER5 machines, excluding the revo (you can only use beeps instead of the LED). (1KB) v1.00 H. Linthorst Switch the link on/off with only one macro. (1KB) v1.00 J. Peschier Dutch version of link on/off. (1KB) v1.00 P. Davies Switch the link on/off. (1KB) v1.00 S. Alisi Lists all the entries from today in chronological order (similar to the 'List View' of the S3a/c/mx). (1KB) v1.00 P. Nicolas Activate the password once and switch off the machine. (4KB) v6.10 H. Linthorst Search the selected text in different databases. (5KB) v1.00 G. Sabouraud For calculating the average molecular weight of a molecule (allows you to quickly get the highlighted formula from any document and paste the result close to it). (4KB) v1.10 M. Collado Provides an address book for Email. (1KB) v1.00 S.H. Homann (De) Displays the memory usage. (10KB) v6.00 H. Linthorst Search the selected text in different databases. (1KB) v1.00 M. Collado Shows all the Agenda entries from today till the end of the month. (19KB) v0.99 M. Sprenger An address book for Message Suite. (4KB) v6.00 H. Linthorst 'NCode' or 'DeCode' strings of text. (1KB) v1.00 S.H. Homann (De) Create new documents from self created templates. (1KB) v1.00 P. Nicolas Disable the backlight timeout. (1KB) v1.00 P. Nicolas Quit an application without saving the changes. (2KB) v1.00 J. Theal A numeric keypad for entering numbers more easily. (1KB) v1.01 K.Golding Enhanced version of OPLHelp: auto selects the word nearest the cursor. (1KB) v1.00 Zeljko Mikulec An enhanced version of OPLHelp; auto select the word nearest the cursor. (136KB) v2.02 Jan Palenicek (a.k.a. OSG) A collection of very 8 nice macros. Specifically: Localize, MacroBookmark, Alarm Timer, Open With, netBook OSD menu, Compute, CopyPath, and JavaToggle. Complete instructions included for each macro in EPOC Word documents as well as all the necessary OPX files. (1KB) v1.00 T. Farine Turns the machine off. (1KB) v1.00 P. Nicolas Open a document from the list of all documents in a particular folder. (1KB) v1.00 Ralf Krueger Select and start a document directly. (5KB) v1.00 A. Krause Replace abbreviations in the OPL Editor with the complete command-syntax. (1KB) v1.00 C. Hals Mimics Series3's Outline function in Word. (1KB) v1.00 Dr Thirsty Provides a join function in PowerBase. (6KB) v1.00 E. Arnowitz A simple and easy to use Jotter/ToDo application. (5KB) v1.10 F. Marcé A pen sensitive numeric keypad. (12KB) v1.00 Phil Aypee A set of macros for pasting HTML tags into text files - HTML files being text files with an htm/html extension. (17KB) v1.00 J. Toler A simple mbm viewer and grabber/paster with minimal frills. (2KB) v1.00 M. Delmanowski Plays sounds from the System screen. (1KB) v1.00 J. Theal Display the date/time for a second. (1KB) v1.10 M. Guthrie This is an updated version of Jeremy Theal's PopClock macro. This one switches the display around so that the time is displayed first. It also shows the display for longer than the one second that Jeremy's did - although it can be cancelled early by pressing any key. (1KB) v1.00 S.H. Homann (De) Set the power-off options more conveniently. (1KB) v1.00 P. Reiner Brings up a window showing some frequently used information. (1KB) v1.00 S. Firth Add hand sketch notes in Agenda. (1KB) v1.00 P. Nicolas Soft resets the machine. (1KB) v1.00 R. Schubert Provides a search/replace facility in Sheet. (7KB) v1.00 R. van der Kamp Produces accented characters the way you'd expect: type the accent then the character... (4KB) v1.01 P. Nicolas Run programs from the Extras bar without the pen. (57KB) v6.02 H. Linthorst Insert a signature or any bitmap (80 are included) in the current document. (2KB) v3.00 R. Feugas Flip the link on/off with beeps indicating the state. (5KB) v1.00 J. Peterson Converts Word documents to HTML files. (17KB) v2.40 S. Alisi Copy Inbox messages from Email to a Data file. (11KB) v1.00 S. Alisi Copy messages from RMRNews into a Data file. (1KB) v1.00 Mario Collado Start any of the Silkscreen programs with the keyboard (all machines). (2KB) v1.05 P. Nicolas Quickly adjust the screen contrast to its optimal value. (44KB) v1.00 Mario Collado Adds three Shortcut panels to Assistant and Macro5 and makes Macro5 usable with all EPOC machines. (1KB) v1.00 R. Piga (It) Show hidden files (i.e. change the system properties). (1KB) v1.00 F. Franken Foreground Locker even when it is hidden from the tasklist. (4KB) v1.00 M. Delmanowski Display MBM files from the System screen. (1KB) v1.00 J. Theal Shrinks the font of the selected text. (1KB) v1.00 P.J. de Wit Set of macros to turn the sound on and off.
Sonorité.zip (1KB) v1.00 P. Goubier (Fr) Turn off the sound for the entered time (e.g. when in meeting). (2KB) v1.00 A. Cserháti An on-the-fly character changer for Norwegian, Finnish, Hungarian, Croatian etc... (5KB) v6.00 H. Linthorst Checks the spelling of the selected words. (1KB) v1.00 S.H. Homann (De) Insert Sub- and Super-Script into math orientated texts. (8KB) v2.10 F. Langinieux Switch with the dictionaries/thesaurus from other countries. (6KB) v1.10 D. Faure Launch several macros in sequential order according to set conditions. (1KB) v1.20 M. Tjioe Switch '.' and ',' in the System as decimal separator. (1KB) v1.20 M. Tjioe Switch '.' and ',' in the System as decimal separator. (1KB) v1.00 P. Nicolas Displays the synonyms of the word under the cursor (thesaurus). (1KB) v1.00 T. Farine Show/hide the system folder. (5KB) v2.00 F. Pacquier TextToDoc is a macro that you run from the System screen, with a text file highlighted. It will import the text file into Word and save it to a new (.doc) file. This version is newer than v1 (obviously!): it is entirely automatic (no user input) and much less language-dependent (easier to customize for other locales than French or English). Note: this macro is only useful on the Psion Series 5 'classic' (EPOC 3), as the Series 5mx (EPOC 5) already does something similar. (6KB) v1.15 B. Allen Sort sheet tables. (2KB) v1.00 Unknown Filter sheet tables. (1KB) v1.00 Martin Guthrie TaskList is a (very) small little .opo file/macro that simply call up the open files / programs list irrespective of whether you're in the System screen or not. Essentially it does the same as Ctrl+J in the System screen - but from any program/document. I wrote it because - being a control freak - I found myself increasingly switching back to the System screen in order to do a Ctrl+J to see ehat I had open at any given time.

Since it's a standalone .opo file, it doesn't necessarily need to be called by Macro5 (or compatible macro-running program). It can be run on its own just by double-tapping in the System screen for example (albeit a little pointless doing so). I use it as a macro under ExtraBars and have assigned it a Fn+J shortcut to echo the standard Ctrl+J shortcut in the System screen. (1KB) v1.00 S. Goldsmith Brings up the task list when 'System' is pressed and is already in focus. (6KB) v1.00 F. Pacquier Convert highlighted text files to Word documents. (1KB) v1.00 Jan R Gustafsson A small macro for displaying time/date details in the bottom right of the screen. (1KB) v1.00 M. Collado Jump to Agenda and show the Todo List. (1KB) v1.00 Z. Mikulec Add a dot before all the commands in the OPL database. (1KB) v1.00 J. Mannion Direct access to the build in calendar. (2KB) v1.00 N. Markwick View emails with HTML content. (1KB) v1.00 F. Pacquier At present there aren't many good plain-text editors for the EPOC platform (like if you want to write Python code on the Psion). If you're not afraid of Unix-style-vi-editors, however, there is a port of VIM (see Keith Walker's home page on Links page) that works nicely on the 5mx. This simple macro is run from inside VIM, it lets you pick a file using the EPOC common dialog and loads it in the editor. (8KB) v3.00 A. Girvan Invokes the browser or Email depending on the selection (URL or email address). (4KB) v1.01 T. Luehrs (De) 3 small macros to be used with MsgSuite. (1KB) v1.00 M. Tjioe View the weeknumber and go to the corresponding date in Agenda. (1KB) v1.00 R. Mulder Improved version of weeknumber. (2KB) v1.00 M. Welling Jump into the Agenda at the specified week number. (1KB) v1.00 P. Goubier (Fr) French version of WeekNumber. (29KB) v0.90 Steve Hawtin Converts standard Gregorian calendar dates into Julian, Jewish, Islamic, Chinese, Roman, Mayan, Egyptian, and Persian equivalents. (1KB) v1.00 P. Buxton Provides a boookmark facility in Word. (2KB) v1.00 S. Hawtin Convert money to local currency in Word documents.

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