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ebc - Add colour support to Jason Kneen's ExtraBars!


images/ExtrasIcon.gif (67Kb)


These are the continuing adventures of Neil Thompson's excellent 'ebc' program ( Due to pressure of other commitments, Neil offered to pass its further development over to me. I have gladly accepted and certainly will be developing it further over the next few weeks/months. What exactly is ebc? Well, Neil describes it very well on his own site:-

"If, like me, you have a copy of Jason Kneen's excellent ExtraBars (local copy here) program and are running it on a Series 7/netBook you will be disappointed to see that colour is not supported. Given the length of time since the last update it seemed highly likely that a colour version would not be forthcoming so I wrote ebc to fill the gap."

"ebc allows you to either convert all installed applications or select a single application. Once ebc has run you will need to refresh the extrabar with the application on it (ctrl+b) before you will see a change. Obviously it won't turn into colour application icons that are currently in black and white!"

"ebc has been successfully tested on the following machines: Series 7/netBook and will not run on any machine that does not support colour or have extrabars installed."

Simple enough. And of course as many of you will know, colouring Extras bar icons has been something of a pet project of mine for the last few months - with the result that I offer a colourised version of the icon for the majority of applications available on EPOC. I've also jointly-written a program (IconPatcher) to make creating these icons much easier.

ExtraBars in all its colourful glory!

ExtraBars in all its colourful glory!

Revision history:

  • Initial launch

  • Bug fix

  • Not released

  • Support for 'internal' ExtraBars colour icons added (e.g. Folder, Macro5, etc.)
  • Colour ExtraBars icon added (for Extras bar)

  • Help file added
  • Option added for colour ExtraBars splash screen to be displayed on ExtraBars startup (or hidden)

  • ExtraBars patch for 'Extras' key capture
  • ExtraBars patch for colouring sidebar, Titlebar, and Titlebar lines

  • ExtraBars patch for Task switcher (now correctly displays in the bottom-right of the screen on a netBook / Series 7)
  • Option added for position of ExtraBars selector (top left or bottom left of screen - again, only on a nB/S7)
  • ExtraBars patch for Shortcut Prefixes background colour (used to restore background to grey if you toggled 'Show prefixes on shortcuts')
  • ExtraBars patch for 'Refreshing extrabar' to colour (used to be grey)

  • Updated to use the new Macro5 icon

  • Increased number of installed programs ebc can handle from 200 to 500. Program would crash if you had more than 200 programs installed and you selected the 'Single Application' button.

  • The program now returns to the main menu after single icon colouring instead of quitting. This makes it much easier to colour multiple icons without using the 'colour all' option.

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Saturday, 1 April 2006