It is vital for new web developers to have mentors who will teach them the ways to navigate the ever-changing field of web development, to rise above the competition, and to innovate themselves in this fast-paced technological world.

We are here to guide you through every step of your career development.

Understand the Job Search Process

We’ll walk you through the typical job search process that web developers go through, detailing the primary ways developers land jobs while making sure that you can readily take on the challenges you will be facing in the pursuit of your first job. You’ll learn about what companies expect from their developers and explain what the few first few months in your job would look like.

Apply for Jobs

We’ll teach you the best job search strategy and provide you with tips that you can leverage to expedite your hiring.

Share your Story

Applying and interviewing are just the first few steps in starting your career as a web developer. We’ll provide you with insight on how to best stand out from the competition and teach you how to expand your network.

Start Your Own Project

Never stop coding and learning during your job search process. We’ll teach how to create a unique brand that will distinguish you from the rest.

Prepare for the Interview

We will review computer science principles and share with you the best practices during technical interviews, including those that you should avoid. You will learn about what interviewers look for in a candidate and the factors that contribute to their hiring decisions.

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