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All the utilities and a few more besides!

‘Lost & Found’ - Utilities & System

File Description (758KB) 2ConnectU was - as far as I can recall (or find out) - the commercial derivative sold by 2K systems of X-Soft's XConverter. Xconverter is/was a file conversion utility for EPOC - similar in function to nConvert from Neuon. 2K systems took this and added platform-independent connectivity with desktops using TCP/IP over the cable and using your desktop machine's web browser! The original blurb from 2K systems site used to describe it thus:-

"2Connect you is a software package for connecting an Epoc hand-held device to a personal computer. It also allows to copy and save data as well as file conversions to keep data fully useable on both, hand-held and desktop. You wish to edit your Epoc agenda and contacts using Web browser and desktop keyboard? With 2Connect you you get all the facilites. Define your backup rules and choose only the files or directories, you want to save. Restore is simple and can even be made for only one file."

Once you've got it set up (see the Help file for detailed instructions on how to set things up on your desktop machine and EPOC device), it essentially gives you the following:-
• PsiWin and platform independent access to your Psion
• Web browser or FTP access to your Psion with File Manager, Contracts, Backup, Agenda, and File Conversions capability
• File conversion capabilities on the Psion itself

The native file conversion capabilities supported are:-
EPOC Word: Rich Text Format (RTF) without embedded objects, HTML, Text
EPOC Sheet: Delimited Text, MS Excel (import of all versions from 2.1 to 2000, export of 2.1)
EPOC Data: DBase (memo fields compatible with FoxPro 2.6 and dBase III), Text
EPOC Jotter: Text
EPOC Paint: GIF, Windows BMP, JPEG
ZIP: Zip/Unzip files on the Psion

Both 2K systems and X-Soft's websites appear to have gone offline in early 2002 and certainly all the emails I've sent to them recently have bounced. Hence 2ConnectU would appear to be 'abandonware'. v1.0 - All ER5 machines supported. (1.8MB) Two instruction/installation manuals for 2ConnectU in German - kindly donated by Frank Galenzowski. (16KB) 5Pic is a Series 3.x pic file viewer for EPOC (originally for the Series 5). It'll let you view and print the images - as well as save them in EPOC mbm format. Originally written as freeware in 1998 by Richard Wakelin, his website no longer supports Psions - hence its offering here. v1.01 (19KB) AgnClean by Frank Fiedler is a tool for cleaning up and removing entries in Agenda files. Entries specified by specific symbols in entries, date ranges, or specific text searches. All searches can be done by exclusion also. Originally offered as freeware, Franks site no longer exists. Works on all EPOC platforms. v1.00 (24KB) Also by Frank Fiedler, AgnPrint is a tool for printing ranges within Agenda files. Ranges specified by specific symbols in entries, entry type, date ranges, or specific text searches. All searches can be done by exclusion also. Originally offered as freeware, Franks site no longer exists. Works on all EPOC platforms. v1.04 (11KB) AppLink is a program to produce files which link to EPOC applications, similar to shortcuts in Windows or aliases on the Macintosh. An AppLink file has the same icon as the application to which it is linked, and is very small (only 16 bytes). Tapping on the AppLink icon launches the application. Unlike other shortcut programs for the Psion, you do not need to have AppLink running in the background (or even installed) for AppLinks to work – they are handled by EPOC itself. It was published as un-crippled shareware by KuDaTa in 2002 but their website has disappeared so I guess it's abandoned now. v1.03b (17KB) CBeam is still available from the C-Pen site but not very widely known I suspect (hence 'Found' only!). It offers similar functionality as plBeam (beaming of files via Infrared using the IRObex standard used by PC's and some other PDA's). Freeware - v1.01 (4KB) CharMap from the former PelicanSoft is a simple freeware ASCII Character Map for EPOC - similar to Character Map in Windows. It is Pen compatible and you can use the copy/paste button on the screen to copy the highlighted character to the clipboard. Compatible with the 5/5mx and works fine on a netBook/S7 in 'letterbox' mode. I don't think it will work properly on a revo as much of the display will be missing. v1.01 (68KB) ConvertPro - by Purple Software - is an extensible conversions program for all EPOC machines. It handles conversions for Acceleration, Area, Circles, Currency, Dates, Density, Energy, General Constants, Illuminance, Length, Mass, Multiples, Permutations, Power, Pressure, Temperatures, VAT Calculations, Velocity, and Volumes as standard. I've also included a importable category covering WeightWatchers Points.

It was originally a commercial product but was given away for free by Purple after a while - hence why I've included it here. If anyone has any additional categories of their own, please feel free to send them to me and I'll include them in this download file. The colour icon/patch for the program is in my normal Colour Icons files. v1.01F (042) (55KB) DCustom is a small template utility that extends the new file dialog in the system app; to allow new files to be created based on existing files placed in a C:\Template directory. I have added a PDF file to the zip explaining its use. v1.01
DirPrint4 (4KB) What are all those files on my Psion? DirPrint4 - 'Directory Print v4' - will give you a complete listing, sorted by date last accessed, which means it is also useful for finding that file you were working on just recently. Freeware from Robert Longbottom. v4 (4KB) DriveMap5 is a small EPOC/32 utility that adds Windows style Drive Mapping to your palmtop computer. The program can be activated from the Extras bar and allows you to map or unmap drives H to Y. Similar in function to YFH Subst below, it was published by Graham Crichton of Medialinx Software in 1999 as freeware. v1.00 (139KB) DstEdit is a basic text file manager. It allows you to 'attach' pain text files and load/edit/save them in a simple built in text editor. I have added a PDF file to the zip explaining its use. v1.2 (479KB) EDU - Essential Disk Utilities - from Atelier was effectively the 'Norton Utilities' of its time for EPOC. Atelier stopped selling EPOC software 3 or 4 years ago and quit the PDA market entirely a couple of years ago as far as I can tell. My emails to them have gone unanswered. Hence - and after considerable encouragement by various members of the EPOC community (and some soul-searching on my part) - I have decided to call it 'Abandoned' and offer it for download here.

Essential Disk Utilities contains 4 full-fledged applications :
• A check and repair utility that checks and repairs corrupt disks, lost files, etc.
• A high speed disk defragmenter that optimises your disk space (both internal and CompactFlash)
• A new disk formatter that allows you to customise your disks so that no space is wasted
• A disk editor that allows you to view and edit (for example you are able to find lost data)

v1.00 of all 4 applications. Compatible with Series 5, 5mx, MC218, Geofox, Series 7, and netBook. I don't believe that it is fully compatible with the revo/revo+ due to the screen size. (52KB) Atelier released an update to Optimize (in EDU above). Early versions of the update wiped the older versions of the .aif, .mbm, and .rsc files when it installed (making the app unusable!). However this is a later download which works fine. Apparently "This fixes a problem in earlier version of Optimize that could cause Optimize to refuse to optimize certain Compact Flash Cards and to exit with a "Panic 21" error". (95KB) Psion/Symbian's text editor application. Essentially performs the same as Notepad in Windows - ideal for quick text editing as well as more complex stuff. 3 versions supplied in this zip file: monochrome, colour, and Wins (PC emulator). Runs on any ER5 machine. v1.41(049)
Ferret (51KB) Ferret is a powerful search utility for EPOC-based machines. It provides file search functions based either on the name or characteristics of the file, or by text contained within the file. It is programmed in C++ and operates quickly, in the background if necessary, searching for files that fit the search criteria and displaying them in a table output. Ferret was released by Nutshell software in 1998 as shareware but Nutshell have long since disappeared so I am supplying it with a generic registration code as 'Abandonware'. Works on 5/mx and S7/nB in 'letterbox' mode. v1.1 (66KB) Purple Software's freeware phone number update program. Originally released to coincide with the UK's 'Big Number' change in 2000, FixIt is designed to update phone numbers stored in your Data or Contacts database to reflect changes to area dialling codes. NB: Note that it isn't just for the number change in 2000 - it can handle any 'search&replace' function you wish to carry out on your Contacts or Data database. (2KB) JavaSweep - a Rogue Java Process terminator (released in 1999 as freeware by Symbian). When a Java program is running, it is possible if something goes wrong for the user interface part to get closed down while the Java Runtime does not. This means that it's no longer possible for the user to bring up the process in the "Open files / programs" dialog and call Ctrl+Shift+E on it (which is the standard way of closing down a rogue Java process which still has an attached UI). This occurs in particular if Ctrl+Shift+Fn+K (a key combination which closes down standard ER5 applications) is mistakenly used on a Java application. JavaSweep enables the user to terminate these rogue processes.
Keyboard Layouter (11KB) Keyboard Layouter - by Bodo Maass - allows easy redefinition of the Psion keyboard. Rather than being aimed at redefining individual keys, the program is really for redefining the whole keyboard. For example the author of the program was a keen Dvorak keyboard layout user. Freeware. v0.91ί (197KB) MBMView was and is the graphics file viewer/manipulator for EPOC and handles MBM, Sketch, BMP, GIF, JPG, and TIFF file formats. Sadly its author - Lieuwe de Vries - died in late 2002. However his family have very kindly consented for his programs to be released freely to the community. Hence here is the last version he published (v4.12) with a generic registration code in the zip file so that his work can continue to be useful to those who never knew him or his software when he was alive. Believed to be compatible with all EPOC ER5 machines. (185KB) Navigator is a System replacement program for EPOC machines offering a Windows-style program that handles drag'n'drop file management, zip compression/decompression/viewing, application launching, shortcuts, search capabilities, etc. Originally commercial software from the long-since defunct Purple Software, the program has long been freely available for unrestricted download elsewhere on the web and so I think it fair to call it 'Abandonware' and offer it here also. v1.02F (012) - this version is also optimised for running on full-screen colour machines as well as 5/mx, etc. There are also replacement colour mbm patches and icons for the program on my Colour Icons page...
Newton keyboard driver (3KB) Driver software for a Newton keyboard apparently. (12KB) PNPlus was designed as an add-on utility for Purplesoft's Navigator program allowing control over the remote link as well as providing information on the battery status, power status, memory, etc. Written by Mark Riley as Freeware in 1998. Works on S5/mx and S7/nB (in 'letterbox' mode). v1.0 (29KB) Remapper - by Richard Reeve - is a utility for letting you re-map your keyboard and/or silkscreen keys. Handy if you use a lot of non-basic keyboard keys - or just want to re-assign application silkscreen keys to other applications. It will also record macros of keyboard and/or silkscreen combinations. Written in 1998 and released as Freeware under GNU public license, Richard's website has long since disappeared. Manual installation but instructions included. v1.2 (3KB) ResCodes (short for Resistor Codes) by Gareth Clarke is a small program for working out the values of resistors and tolerances from their colour codes. Written in 1998 as freeware, his website has long since gone. v1.0
Shell5 (279KB) Shell5 is a command line interpreter which allows basic file operations (copy, delete, rename, etc) as well as many sophisticated features including:

• Ability to add external commands
• Command line recall (command history)
• Filename expansion
• Batch file support
• Command input and output redirection
• Pipe like feature
• Command aliases and shell variables
• Keyboard remapping and macros
• Clipboard and toolbar support
• UNIX or DOS syntax for pathnames
• Built-in editor
• Extensive help

v2.12 Freeware. Source code for v2.12 is also included in the zip file. (111KB) SoundTrans - by John Forrest - is a very handy sound file player/manipulator handling SIBO, EPOC, WAV, and Raw GSM file formats. John disappeared (virtually at least) in 2000 despite a number of attempts from various people to get in contact with him. This last version of the program (v1.07) was sold and branded by RMRSoft and RMR have kindly given the go-ahead for the program to now be released here with a generic registration code. The code is in the zip file. Believed to be compatible with all EPOC ER5 machines. (16KB) A system task manager/browser/tool - for advanced users only. Freeware. (140KB) Symlink - also by John Forrest - is an extremely powerful (and sometimes misunderstood) application and system hyperlinking application. At its most basic, it allows you to embed any file type within another (i.e. not just Word, Sheet, Sketch, Record) and provide shortcut links from almost anywhere to anywhere within your EPOC system. Needs to be played with to fully appreciate it! As mentioned earlier, John disappeared (virtually at least) in 2000 despite a number of attempts from various people to get in contact with him. This is the last version of the program (v1.26) that was released and the registration code is in the zip file. Believed to be compatible with all EPOC ER5 machines. (212KB) This is the driver software that was developed for use with the "Voyager VGA PCMCIA Bus Super VGA Adapter" - as manufactured by the Colorgraphic Communications Corp. This card plugged into the PCMCIA slot of the S7/nB and the other end would connect to a video projector for use with slide shows, etc. (5KB) XChange is a universal currency converter for the Psion
Series 5. Published by Paul Law of LHC Software in September 1997. Compatible with 5, 5mx, and MC218; it will also work on a Series 7/netBook in 'letterbox' mode but won't work properly on a revo/revo+/mako. Freeware. v1.1 (6KB) YFHSubst - released in 2000 by YFH Software - is a directory substitutor for EPOC - similar to DriveMap5 above. In other words, YFHSubst can be used to map directories to an EPOC drive (c:, d:, etc.). For example, using YFH Subst the directory 'Documents' can be mapped to drive 'M'. The advantage of this is that in the list of drives in the System-screen (visible when you tap the button saying 'C' or 'D' in the corner of your screen on the Task-bar) an extra drive appears (in this case drive 'M'). If this drive is selected, you will automatically jump to the directory mapped to that drive (in this case 'Documents'). This way, you can browse through you folder a lot quicker. This is of particular advantage when browsing large CF disks on d: or e: as it can be significantly faster than using the System screen. Freeware. v1.0
Zoom (8KB) A small system utility by Nikolai Antonov for zooming in on portions of the screen. Similar in function to the built-in Windows 'Magnifier' utility. Freeware v1.0
Zoom Colour (9KB) As above but for colour machines. (19KB) iBattery - by Ken Emmanuel - is a battery monitor for the netBook and Series 7 machines. It monitors your main battery, analyses how you use your Psion over time, and provides a range of statistics which are missing in the standard Psion power information dialog. There's also a graph function which shows how the battery decays over time, with a rapid loss in power towards the end. Also, the graph shows how your battery is currently performing in relation to the best performance achieved out of the battery. In this way you can see when you battery is starting to fade quickly after charging. I used to offer a keygen of my own with the program as I believe it to have been abandonned but the author recently contacted me to let me know that he was still accepting registrations at or via email at and therefore I am no longer offering this.

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