Secure Schools

School safety is one of the main concerns of educational institutions and the government. Teachers, parents, and school boards often go on meetings to hear out their respective concerns and provide solutions. The government itself also takes steps to improve school safety through proper law enforcement and other programs and there are many services like Been Verified Review: Is It the Best Background Check Service? (2019) who take the responsibility as a service.

The reality in several schools today is that it has become easier for strangers to walk into the school premises and interact with children without proper verification of their identities. For safer school environments, the proper authorities and administrators must ensure that anyone who enters the school are properly screened and Verified by a Background Check.

Here are a few more steps to make schools safer and more secure:

1. Single Point of Entry

School access for visitors should be limited to a single entrance where proper security could be set up. This entrance must be clearly marked so that people can be easily redirected to the main entry. Proper security measures must also be installed in other points of entry to make sure that only students and other authorized persons come in through those doors.

2. Screening

Using handwritten logbooks to sign in isn’t a secure way of knowing every visitors’ identity. Names and other information can be easily fabricated in order to be given entry. To be Verified by a Background Check, visitors must present their valid IDs which would be scanned in a reliable software with updated information on criminal records and other offenses. This will help schools keep better records and proper identification of every person entering their premises.

3. Visitor’s badge and Proper Monitoring

Each person permitted to enter must be given a visitor’s ID which would indicate the date, time, and place the visitor is authorized to stay.

The schools’ parking lots and common areas must also be strictly monitored. Installing surveillance cameras and parking lot monitors are a convenient and efficient way of overseeing who enters and leaves the campus.

4. Emergency Plan

In case of any emergency, the school staff must be trained of a discreet way of alerting the securities. School emergency plans must be constantly updated and must include procedures like evacuations, lockdowns, and other emergency protocols. Drills must be conducted, and the emergency plans must be shared with the parents.

5. School-community Partnerships

Promoting school-community partnerships is a great way of ensuring school safety. There are several community organizations that are willing to help keep schools more secure by volunteering in police surveillance and neighborhood watch programs. This also keeps the environment around the school safer from any intruders that could harm the students.

Aside from keeping unwanted visitors out of the school premises, it is also important to promote anti-bullying and non-discrimination within the school to ensure that students are safe around their fellow schoolmates. Schools must develop an approachable program that would encourage students to reach out in case of any problems they encounter around their own classmates. It is important to note that to keep schools safe and secure, it must not tolerate an environment of violence.

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