One of the challenging tasks to do in a regular daily routine is managing your medication. It is not surprising that you have once, twice, thrice forgotten to take your medication. According to research released by, in America, only 2% people manage to effectively manage their medication.

If you belong to the first group, then below are some of the mobile apps available that can help you better manage your medication:


This app is available for both Android and iOS devices with additional web functionality. The MyMeds app enables its user to create medication records which he can share with pharmacists, caregivers, doctors, therapists, or even his family. It also enables the user to track his medical records.

With the app, you can create a personal medication list and set reminders to make sure you don’t miss anything. You can set the reminders to be sent via any platform, whether through text, email, or an alarm in your mobile phone or tablet.

Also, the app allows you to make about ten profiles, which, in the process takes a more human approach to make sure patients adhere to their medication.


Dosecast is available on Android, Apple, and even Amazon devices. The app is available in two editions: a free edition and a pro edition. Both editions are managed by CloudSync.

Dosecast requires the users to enter the name of their medication, its dosage, and the timeframe to take the medication. Monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly reminders can be set by using the app depending on the dosage.

The app is flexible as it allows the user to take an early dose, even postpone it. It also tracks the dose remnants and reminds the user of the refill requirements.


MedHelper comes in pro and free version. It is also available in both iOS and Android platforms.

MedHelper is mostly a medication app that helps users both comply and track their medication. It aims to manage the neverending challenge of maintaining a medication schedule. It holds categories such as medicine names, medicine instructions, and medicine side effects. It also sends reminders and tracks regular doses and taken when-needed doses.

E-pill simple pill timer

This app is most suitable for the female population. It is an e-pill device that measures and times e-pill dosage. It has a unique display that shows the last time the user took the medication.

It is advisable to the user to own different e-pill simple timer if she is using different medicines.

The app sounds an alarm for about 10 seconds when a medication is due and flashes until the user opens the bottle.

There are many other apps available that are used to manage medications such as Medisafe Medication Reminder, PillPack, Mango Health, Care4today, Mymedschedule, and Carezone.

However, you have to make sure not to use the apps to remind you of taking doping or intoxicating drugs. If you do, the next step you’ll have to learn would be to find out how to pass a drug test, if you know what I mean.

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