Dating Programmers

How can two people actually “click” when they only literally met each other because of a computer click? Can our computer heroes who create dating sites actually dates kik girls online? Let me lay down some facts and definition.

Dating Sites

It is a collective term for a dating website or app that connects or matches two people randomly or through an algorithm.


The people who make computer software. They create a series of codes to form something that can help make our cyber lives better.

It is truly possible to find love with a click because it’s a fact that we can find love literally anywhere. Love, in general, keeps our world running – not money. But for people who are willing to spend their money to find love, especially online, that’s some next level thing because usually, it doesn’t work. On my own observation, these are the three reasons why it doesn’t work.

Dating Sites Are As Much A Wingman As Any Social Media.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and even LinkedIn – they all have this algorithm that presents the profile of people who have similarities. This way is even better because such profiles have more information on a person which makes you decide whether to like him/her or not. Not all people find the job title “programmer” sexy because programmers are usually perceived as nerds. However, social media matches let you look at their views on things which make a match more insightful. With this, you might want to consider online dating through social media. It’s free.

Dating Sites Are Mostly Sexual.

People would usually choose who to date based on their appearance or display photo. It rarely happens that they choose to date a person because he likes to discuss CSS or so.

In reality, most of these meet-ups or “first dates” end up with a one-night stand. This is because not all people who register at dating sites are looking to find their one true love. Some of them just want casual hook-ups with no strings attached. After getting what they want after one date, they will move on to another the next night. It’s like a series of codes.

Dating Sites Specially Designed For Programmers Are A Superhighway For Complexity.

Such websites are most likely to contain this language that is as foreign as Aramaic. An average person will not understand it, so it’s least likely to be flocked by non-programmers. Most programmers prefer to date someone who would take them off the monitor to add color to their personalities. Programmers who end up with each other are usually school buddies or workmates who actually spent time together away from the computer.

Online dating for programmers may or may not work. It all depends on the match. Some experienced success while others failed and moved on to other dating platforms. Although the success on these programmer-filled dating sites is uncertain, it wouldn’t hurt to try. Who knows, you just might find what you’re looking for on these platforms.

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