There has been a huge rally against the use of bots during sneaker releases. Several brands in the past year or so have been against the bots, for example, Nike and Adidas. Despite the war that is going on, these sneakers are still making huge sales as soon as they are released. They are disappearing from the shelves of online stores very fast.  In order to understand the cause of the battle, like that mentioned here, we need to understand how sneaker bots work.

Bots Explained

The sneakers first go through acceptance testing when being loaded to an online store. This is when the bots are operated internally by the manufactures themselves to run a series of test to ensure that they are in top shape.

The bot is entered through the front end of the online store. It then goes through an automated add to cart scenario on the online store and then proceeds to check out. The purpose of this is to ensure that there are no issues in purchases when the product is released. One of the tools used for this purpose is Selenium. It is originally not positioned as a bot tool for buying the sneakers but can be automated to perform this task.

How Bots Enter the Black Market

Using selenium, the bot can gain access to sneaker releases. Some bots use a hundred lines of complicated codes that keep changing while others use ten codes to override an e-commerce online store that has cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to create.

More About Bots

Bots can complete commands in microseconds. No human can select an item this fast and checkout. Some companies such as Supreme tried to develop a software that would detect and automatically block an order that checkouts very quickly assuming that the bots had placed these orders. The downside to this is that some supreme veterans could check out quickly when buying sneakers online and some of their orders were rejected.

When a product is preloaded on a site before it is released, the bots can find the product ID and add it to cart automatically. They are only left to check out when the product is officially launched. Any e-commerce website that is hosted by Shopify can be accessed by bots. Bots do not only victimize sneaker stores, but there had also been cases of bots infiltrating the stock market through a method called high-frequency trading.


As long as people continue to accept buying resell products, bots will continue to rule the world. Any online store that operates based on first come first served is a good target for bots. This is because the bots are faster than humans. So far, the only software that has been able to curb bots is Swoosh.

However, as time progresses, there will be a need for a more permanent solution as this is temporary. This way, we will be able to regulate how we buy sneakers. There is hope that one day we might be able to defeat the robots when it comes to buying sneakers online.

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