Doing the same routine over and over again on a daily basis will surely make you want to dream of having a more exciting job than the one you already have. Things like gaining a lot of fans after being a superstar or maybe spying on text messages as a CIA officer would rather sound amazing for sure. In this article, learn some pieces of career advice from a professional CIA operative while taking advantage of online tools like – Spy on Text Messages.

Daydream into Action

For J.C Carleson, everything didn’t just end as a mere daydream. After finding herself bored with her usual corporate work, she decided to send her resume after seeing an ad about CIA which she found on a classified section of a newspaper. At first, she thought of it as just a joke, but she still sends her resume anyway.

However, after receiving one mysterious voicemail and undergoing about two years of background checks and interviews, Carleson suddenly found herself as an official CIA operative. Being such, she travels around the globe in order to pinpoint possible spies and talk them into sharing their secrets with the U.S. government.

But no matter how exciting this sounds, Carleson decided to stop this job after eight years of working in the field just to spend more time with her children. However, she did learn a lot of tactics being a CIA officer and realized that it could actually be used in the corporate world. She wrote all of them into a book entitled Work Like a Spy: Business Tips from a Former CIA Officer. Below are some insights from the book.

An Advice for People Who Want to Get into CIA

To be able to pass the consecutive background checks, medical tests and other things that need to be undergone, you must have a fairly clean life. CIA qualifies people who love to travel around the globe. Aside from that, people who are quick to adjust and are open and able to work in different countries are also qualified. Showing an interest in the entire world would make the CIA definitely interested in you.

People’s Common Misconception of CIA

Contrary to what people think, the tricks and techniques used by CIA officers are actually very basic. Everything you watched on movies showing high-tech gadgets, guns or car chases are usually not happening on the real-life scenario. All of the techniques are just all about the basic human psychology and the basic knowledge about the thing that usually motivates people. Working in CIA will give you the experience that usually revolves around networking, studying, meeting and analyzing. Usually, when people find out about this, their reaction would only show disappointment.

Career Tactics that People Would Be Interested In

A lot of people are responding to the networking suggestions found in the book. Most of them think that the direction of networking is up—meaning you network in an upward manner, seeking people who have positions way above you. But this is not the case as you need a lot of people from all levels. Working with different people will help you find the information you need to help you with the job or make a boost in your sale. You wouldn’t know how a little tip from a new recruit will make a difference in your job.

An Advice to Succeed in the Corporate World

In order to be successful in the corporate world and get rid of the feeling of being bored, you must not be afraid to manipulate. Industries usually manipulate people all the time, but that is still good business. This is not only about manipulating the situation but also about manipulating yourself. Altering maybe a few of your behavior that gets in the way of your job won’t hurt. You may even find yourself getting ahead in your job.

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