Your resume is your ticket to landing an interview and eventually, a job. That’s why it is necessary that you pay careful attention to its contents. You are competing with the hundreds of applications being sent every day, so it is important to stand out from the crowd and distinguish yourself as a web developer. Here are a few tips that will get your resume out of the applicants’ pile and on to the recruiter’s desk.

Determine your Objective

What kind of developer do you want to be? Have you already found your niche? Before beginning your job search, you must first answer these questions. Having a clear objective is important as this will determine the flow of your resume and the direction of your entire job application process.

List Out your Accomplishments

Only those accomplishments related to the job you’re applying for should be included in your resume. Listing out all relevant achievements will help the recruiters assess if you are fit for the role that you’re applying to.

Develop a Strong Opening Statement

Your opening statement occupies the top spot in your resume, so make sure that it will compel the recruiters to read the whole document and convince them to invite you for an interview.

Next, highlight the skills you have that you think will make you a perfect fit for the position you’re vying for.

Customize your Resume

Over the course of your job hunt, you will probably send your application to multiple companies. Don’t make the mistake of submitting the same resume to every company you’re applying to. If possible, tweak your resume according to the job description and the company’s mission and vision. Show the recruiters that you will fit the company’s culture and that you have the same values as them.

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