When someone thinks of what a developer is like, what comes to mind is a person with thick glasses, working with multiple monitors all day long, coding away like there is no tomorrow. That is quite an accurate picture – sometimes, in the pursuit of creating the next brilliant innovation, we forget to take care of ourselves and we become less mindful of our wellbeing. Because of this, we compiled a list of three little things that we can do to contribute to our wellness as full-time developers.

Have a Properly Set-up Workstation

You spend more time on your workstation than you do anywhere else, so it just makes sense to set it up in a way that will motivate you to become more productive. First, the height of your chair should be that you are still able to keep both feet flat on the ground while sitting. Make sure to also keep your monitors at eye-level so you can read from your screen comfortably.

Schedule Time for Exercise

We know that everyone should exercise, but it is especially important for those whose jobs have them sitting majority of the day. If you don’t like tedious exercises that will leave you sweaty and panting, then you might want to try going for long walks. According to research, a person must do at least 10,000 steps in a day to stay healthy.

Spend some Time Away from your Screen

You might think this is impossible, but it can be done! For example, instead of having a conversation with a co-worker via email, why don’t you just approach them or call them? You may be lessening your screen time significantly but doing this can help you rest and relax your eyes even just for a few minutes.

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